5 Most Popular Flowers in Home Gardens

When planting a garden there are many questions which you must ask yourself before you begin. Where exactly are you going to plant it, do you already have the necessary garden equipment, and how big do you envision your garden getting? When do flowers bloom and what are their heights? These are all very significant questions; however, there is not much use in asking them if you have not yet chosen the kinds of flowers that you want to grow in your garden. There are many to choose from and don’t le anybody tell you which ones you can and can’t plant. Gardens are not only beautiful but also interesting to look at due to the fact that each garden has its own distinct character.

There are endless possibilities of flowers to choose from but if you are unsure of which types of flowers are known to look best in gardens, keep reading and you will find out. The following is a list of the five most popular types of garden flowers chosen by gardeners from all over the United States:

  1. Cosmos are capable of growing anywhere from 12 inches to 4 feet tall, making them one of the most versatile flower options. Cosmos are ideal for cutting gardens and are typically plucked out of gardens and used in flower arrangements.
  2. Marigold – Marigolds can be found in yellow, orange, red or a combination of all colours. This type of flower blooms in 45 to 50 days from sowing and very rarely requires additional water than what the rain provides.
  3. Morning Glory – Morning glories have heart shaped leaves and are available in a variety of colours including white, blue, red, pink and lavender. This type of flower has the capability to become more than ten feet high.
  4. Zinnia – Zinnias are classic, old fashioned flowers which are always flowering all season. If there is not a lot of rain, this sort of flower will need to be watered on a regular basis. However, you should make an effort to avoid getting water on the foliage (the plant’s leaves), as this may lead to mould growth, which in turn might result in the death of the plant.
  5. Sunflowers: Of all the flowers you may plant in your yard, the sunflower is by far the best choice. Sunflowers feature petals that are yellowish-orange with a black circle in the centre of each petal. These flowers can grow to be as tall as 6 feet or possibly even higher depending on the flower itself.

Maintaining your garden and ensuring that it remains healthy on a regular basis is essential if you want it to be successful and develop under your care. You will find that having various sorts of gardening equipment, such as watering cans, pruning shears, gloves, and spades, is helpful when it comes to maintaining the quality of your garden. These pieces of equipment are highly critical and are quite affordable.

Your decision regarding the kinds of flowers to plant in your garden will have a significant bearing on the final product. The list above was supplied as a suggestion for newbie gardeners who area unclear of which flowers may be best adapted to a garden ambiance.

Which flowers you choose will ultimately be your choice and regardless of the kinds or colours of your flowers, your garden will be a wonderful piece of work for everyone to admire.

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